Yoga at Home

Practice of the Week Subscription

Join the community to support and be held accountable. A new practice each week along with discussions and support group.

Awakening Humble Warriors Subscription

A 3 month investment in yourself. Personally tailored Coaching and programming to create habits for success. 



Programs are tailored for each individual and can progress through phases lasting from 8-12 weeks depending on your goals. Phases begin at your current level of conditioning or strength and progress systematically for sustainable gains or weight loss. A great option for those who are on a budget or have a difficult schedule.


Coaching services include the following


We will focus on a single chakra in each session; discussing the characteristics of both deficient and excessive energy pertaining to the chakra. Each session ends with a personalized meditation that is recorded and encouraged to use often and can be saved for future use as needed.



Together we will look at your personal astrological chart. In this session we will look at the position of the Sun, the Moon, and your Ascendant or Rising sign which is specific to the time and location of your birth. Introspective tools that lead to great insight in many aspects of life. I will also teach you how you can track the planets around your chart to further your journey of self-awareness. 


We will discuss what a healthy relationship with food means; dispelling myths and confusion as well as how to begin to implement healthier habits into your lifestyle. Together we will construct your plan that is clear, simple, and sustainable.


An in depth, detailed look into your lifestyle intended to identify the many areas stress originates. Each session includes a consultation as well as a discussion of recommended tools to manage the stress and find balance.



Yoga services include the following


In these yoga classes which can range from gentle to powerful; you will be encouraged to focus on your breath at all times. Using your breath as your gauge to regulate intensity as well as linking your movements from posture to posture. I strive to offer a class that is simple for beginners to follow while still providing ample opportunities to challenge the most experienced yogis. 



I love the practice of yin to balance the fast paced nature of our busy lives. I will ease your mind with guided visualization meditations while you hold postures for an extended period of time. A practice intended to soften the hard edges of both mind and body that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. 



I will tailor a class just for you. Sessions are a combination of practice and discussion intended to educate and immediately integrate the lessons into your practice. Great for beginners looking to prepare for group studio classes. Experienced yogis get a chance to pick my brain on the topics of their choice to inspire and refine their practice.

yoga pose


Pilates services include the following



In my private training sessions i love to combine the versatile pilates equipment (reformer, stability chair, cadillac), kettle and dumbbells, and TRX Suspension trainer to create fun, fresh workouts to keep you guessing and keep you gaining ground. 



Small groups of no more than 6 people. Timed intervals and a variety of exercise stations utilizing an array of equipment. Complete body workouts designed to be adjustable for all levels and goals.



Small groups of no more than 6 people. Entire class is on the Reformer. I will keep you moving mindfully through a complete body workout. Expect to be challenged as you develop muscle strength and stamina through functional ranges of motion. Suitable for all levels though some reformer experience is recommended.

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